Background Info and Supporting Documents

Initial Posts from Rivers of Honey Facebook Wall

These Facebook conversations appeared on the public Rivers of Honey Facebook Wall from 8/1-8/3/11; they were then deleted by the Rivers of Honey account owners with the exception of the first thread. That thread remained though many comments were deleted by the ROH account owners.

Letter to the WOW Mailing List

This letter was sent to the WOW Café Theatre mailing list. It outlines the concerns of former Rivers of Honey producers around trans inclusion, stifling of dialogue, and the decision-making process at Rivers of Honey. It also requests that these issues be addressed at the 8/16/11 WOW meeting.

Rivers of Honey Handout from WOW Meeting

This handout was distributed by Rivers of Honey organizers at the WOW Café Theatre membership meeting on 8/16/11. The handout was described as developing content from the Rivers of Honey website, which is currently under construction; it was provided as a response to questions about ROH policies. When asked for specific clarification about trans women's inclusion at the meeting, a Rivers of Honey organizer responded that trans women would not be allowed to produce or perform at Rivers of Honey but would be allowed as audience members.