Response to the October 7 Rivers of Honey Panel Discussion

The current producers of Rivers of Honey are organizing a panel discussion after their October 7 show; the original invitation to this discussion was part of a note that was posted on the Rivers Response' event wall. Though that note has been deleted, we still feel that it is important to respond to this planned discussion. Given the current known state of Rivers' gender inclusion policy, the late hour at which the discussion will be held, the implication that folks might need to attend and pay for the Rivers show in order to attend the panel, and the fact that alcohol will be served at the preceding show, we do not feel like this discussion will be a truly open and productive forum.

We hope to see a truly open discussion of this situation and the surrounding issues; such a discussion would be:

  • held on a day and time that is more accessible for a larger audience;
  • free of cost;
  • alcohol-free;
  • a safe and respectful space that is welcoming of diverse perspectives;
  • comprised of a wide audience, including former, current, and potential Rivers of Honey performers, producers, and audience members, all of whom would be given equal voice (as opposed to a panel that privileges only certain voices.)

We hope to organize a space and time for such a community discussion in the coming weeks.